Penn State and Wisconsin Battle for Big 10 Title.

By cimardura
Dec. 02, 2016

Hi everybody. We are 24 hours away from a Big Battle for the Big 10 Championship. The Penn State NITTANY Lions will face the Wisconsin Badgers in what many have said is going to be a classic to remember. This has been a year in the Big 10 that nobody saw coming. Everybody thought that Ohio State would run all over everybody. But after Penn State shocked the College Football World everybody started to say Penn State is for real. As for Wisconsin they had some struggles. They lost to both Michigan and Ohio State. So here's the $64.000 question who's going to win this Big 10 Battle in Indy.  In the Next Few Minutes I am going to breakdown this matchup and when it's all said and done you will get my prediction and the final score.

Wisconsin's Offense vs Penn State's Defense.

Wisconsin's Offense has been great this season. Alex HORNIBROOK has had a good season at Quarterback 104-179 1243 yards along with 8 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Cory Clement has had a great season at running back 271 carries for 1140 yards and 13 touchdowns this season. Wisconsin is averaging 28.5 points per game on offense this season. Penn State has some guys who can do a lot of damage in the secondary. But here's the issue I have, Penn State's Defense has given up 22.8 points a game. So there's cause for concern. The Advantage goes to Wisconsin Because they have the runners who can get it done.

Penn State's Offense vs Wisconsin's Defense.

Trace MCSORLEY has had a great season at Quarterback. He's gone 184-327 for 2976 yards. He also has 21 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. SAQUON Barkley is Penn State's star running back and he's had a great season so far. Barkley has carried the ball 228 times for 1219 yards and 15 touchdowns. Penn State's offense is averaging 36.6 points per game. Wisconsin has some big guys in the secondary. But If they let Barkley get away from him it's going to be a long game for the Defense. Advantage goes to Penn State because they have a offense that can do a lot of Damage.

Special Teams.

Wisconsin's Kicking game is not much to brag about. Andrew Endicott has been so-so in the Field Goal Department. Here's what I am talking about he's 11-for-16 this season and his longest has been 46-yarder. And he's missed 2 P.A.T attempts this season. So if it comes down to a late Field Goal at the end lookout because it's not going to be fun. Penn State's Tyler Davis has been near perfect in Field Goals this season. He's 21-for-23 this season his longest has been a 40-yarder. And he's been perfect on P.A.T attempts this season. The Advantage goes to Penn State because if it comes down to a late Field Goal Attempt Tyler Davis is the guy I would want out there.


Penn State's defense has given up 22.8 points a game this season. Wisconsin's defense has been fantastic all season. It's going to come down to turnovers like it has in every Big 10 championship game that has been played. Wisconsin has proven they can be the team that wins the Turnover battle because they have a Secondary that can Do a lot of Damage. The Advantage goes to Wisconsin because Penn State's defense is good but not great.

The Game is set. Here's my take, Penn State has come back from the Sex scandal they had about 5 years ago. Everybody thought including myself that Penn State Football was dead. But Penn State is back on the Map in a Big Way. They upset Ohio State in Happy Valley. Their only loss came to Michigan early in the season. They have bounced back to become a Big 10 powerhouse. Wisconsin has struggled a little bit this season. They lost to both Michigan and Ohio State. And there are some people who are wondering do they belong in the top 10 this season. Both teams are on the Door Step of a possible spot in the top 4 of the College Football Playoffs. But they would need a couple of things to happen. 1st they need Washington and Clemson to lose. 2nd they would have to wait until Sunday to see if they can Make it or not. But I will say this in closing whoever wins this game on Saturday Night they will have to earn it because this game is not going to be a give me game at all, and It will come down to who wants it more. My final score Prediction Penn State wins this battle 30-27.