Hold Out Kam?

Kam has a major decision to make!
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kam Chancellor is considering a hold out, but does that move make sense. He needs to realize that the team stills needs to wait and see what happens with Russell Wilson. I don't understand that a player signs a contract and later disputes it. Holding out is so risky, since Kam has no clue what the future holds. I believe he should try to play it out and he will get paid but it may not be the Seahawks. He should play to the contract he agreed to. He needs to realize that the Seahawks already have a tough financial decesions to make and only time will tell what Seattle ultimately will  decide.

"Chancellor is a vital defensive cog in the Seahawks' secondary. With Earl Thomas battling injury, Chancellor might view a holdout as the opportune time to squeeze out a few more dollars. But with a deal for linebacker Bobby Wagner in the works and a massive payday for quarterback Russell Wilson on the horizon, the hard-hitting safety could be left with his outstretched hand left empty. The Seahawks' fiscal situation is another reminder that in the NFL it's hard to keep great teams together. Everyone wants to get paid." Kevin Patra, (NFL Network

I do think Kam is a very important player but that is the hard thing about the Salary Cap you can't keep dynasties together for very long. The MLB whoever has money can keep the players, however you still have the Luxury tax. I believe that it can be worth going over if you believe that you can win the World Series.

The problem with Kam holding out is he will end up losing in the long run. He will face a team suspension and will end up dividing the locker room. I believe he should do what is best for the team and play hard and then the money will come, or in the words of the great Randy Moss, "Straight Cash Homey."  

I hope Kam decides to play and not waste his ability, however only time will tell.