Kristaps Porzingis traded to Dallas Mavericks in blockbuster deal

The New York Knicks really screwed the pooch on this one! Thursday afternoon, the Knicks agreed to trade star forward Kristaps Porzingis and two others to the Dallas Mavericks for three players in return.

This blockbuster trade transpired faster than maybe any other trade in the history of the NBA. Around 1 PM eastern on Thursday, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski released information that Porzingis - who has been sidelined with a knee injury for just over a year - was meeting with Knicks front office members to discuss his future with the team.

Some two and a half hours later, the news spread like wildfire that Porzingis, Courtney Lee, and Tim Hardaway Jr. were heading to Texas and Wesley Matthews, Dennis Smith Jr., and DeAndre Jordan were heading to the Big Apple.

This is a league restructuring trade that could affect both of these franchises - and potentially others - for many years to come.

This deal is not finalized! According to Tim MacMahon and Ramona Shelburne, the two teams will have a conference call with the league this afternoon to make the trade official, however, Dallas wants a first round pick from the Knicks included.

Personally, I think New York deserves to keep the pick. In all likelihood, the pick will likely be high in the lottery draft with the Knicks currently last in the league at 10-40.

Losing Porzingis should be enough to get the first overall pick. The franchise is in full-blown tanking mode now if they weren't before.